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Shut up [RMX] Shut up [RMX]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it was pretty good but..........

the kick was wayy too quiet. like i couldnt hear the kick, im guessing you got those kick samples from its a awesome site. anyways on to your song.
originality9- even though this is a remix and you should be scored lower for that, i give you a 9 cuase this is the first remix of this song on newgrounds that i have heard.=P/
diveristy7- i gave you a 7 in diversity becuase this song is realy like a big loop, only 2 diverse things about the song is the fact that in the second half the drum pattern changed. and the pitch of the lead synth.
clarity8- i gave you an 8 inclarity becuase i couldnt realy hear any crackleing when listening to the song, but you realy need to raise the volume of your kick.
effort8- it showed that you put some time into the song so ill give you an 8.=]=]
overall8- its a realy nice melody you got but its gets repetative and the kicks is realy quiet. just fix up those things it will a diamond in no time.=]
p.s. whos the original by?
you got my fiven and download
Thanks for your vote, DnX-Danefex! You voted 5 for Shut up [RMX], raising its score from 4.50 to 4.67.

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DJ-RF responds:

wow thanx for the long azz review man

yer i got my sample from vipzone..ther pretty gud...but i still need sum better 1nz

yer the kicks...sounded fine the first to tyms i listen to it after i made it...but after i uploaded i noticed it wa a bit soft...but meh

the original is by cascada....hey are teh best i swear

thanx for the 5z and download=]
and for rasin my score=]

Hardcore 'Till I Die Hardcore 'Till I Die

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

dirty jew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

youve got to send me t3h midi files for the song. i realy have got to do a remix of this song. sweat. loveing the platinum saw mate.

DaGrahamCraka responds:

um, well i didnt use a midi, im not sending you a midi, you should figure it out yourself. and that isnt platinum saw either.

-Tronok Remix- -Tronok Remix-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

damn it!!!!

im like half way through the remix to but you finished before me. pretty tight. BUT when your broke in to the second half it was so quick, build it up cuase it like scared me when i played this for the first time amd it was on full anyways what 3xosc are you using.

Pyroific responds:

lol, sorry bout that um personally i dont know what 3xosc i was using cause the melody was sent to me but lemme check later and ill PM u ok?

Snow - Feel the Breeze Snow - Feel the Breeze

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty shveet,eh?

its was a neat song but i couldnt realy call it trance, maybe soft break beats in a way. but pretty neat.Some of the time off and it made the song a little weird but. keep up the good work. Add a melody to the song when the choir is in and it would sound realy cool. keep up the good work mate.


Hard Hit Hard Hit

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


we both use the same loops from nice. anyways nice choon mate, check out my stuff.

DJ-SkiLLz responds:

i think thats what everyone is doing these dayspre-made midi's man makes shit alot easyer lol

Tribute To Trance Tribute To Trance

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

we both use the same saw

listen to my song dream trance united and then listen to your song and about at half way we both have the same saw. lol. anyways good jorb on the song mate and check out my music sometime.


DJ-SkiLLz responds:

haha we did to fancy that

Jingle Bells [Hardcore Remix] Jingle Bells [Hardcore Remix]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

splendid indeed

quite a nice track you got there. it didnt seem hollow which is nice, i noticed that youre into hardcore. say would you mind if we did a collab. its been a rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllyy song time since i submited anything here but i will. love the track if you have aim : guitarhero 1994
and my myspace is or just search for Dj-MaX in the music section. well neat song.

Chiron-A Wonderful Inspiration Chiron-A Wonderful Inspiration

Rated 4 / 5 stars

its pretty catchy

returning the favor. it seems that my song is down to 2.5 but oh wel some people will vote it up. it seems that alot of your songs have thi ssame soft synth the the i didnt realy like what you did with the kick but thats just me.

originality7- nothing new but the choir is very intresting. mind if i use it or we work on a collab.
Clarity8-you could hear some fuzz in the backround. just got to master some more with your kicks to get everything sounding just right.

diversety- your song followed a type of sway to it. wich is nice. most songs dont realy have that.

effort- it seems you put some effort in to it.

we should make a collab. our styles are diffrent so it would sound pretty cool. and by the way my aim is

guitarhero 1994

my email is

BMC-Audio responds:

yea, thanks alot. i would love to do a collab i'll add your sn right now. the choir i was given to by a very helpful friend and inspiration, MaestroRage. I can send it to you. It has pretty much every pitch, from high soprano to baritone/bass, just add a bit of reverb and it sounds great. you should probably do the mastering and drums, cus im not good and that and just learned how to master.

Benjadaninja- Awesome (OLD) Benjadaninja- Awesome (OLD)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

its realy good for a first song.

it was pretty swell. i cant give you a realy long review becuasewell there isnt much to revie won. but learn your piano roll and how to use/mix fx. infact ill help you out.

aim: guitarhero 1994

Draze - Bass It Up [V2] Draze - Bass It Up [V2]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

goodone. ready for an assload of long review

yo. its been a long time. nice to see no 0voters yet. you did a nice job. loved the vanguard. but yourmain synth that came in seemed a little hm how do i say "generic". it just sounds over used in alot of techno songs. Here i go again, its been awhile since ive givien you a long review

Originality8- nothing that original exept the coumputer synth at the end. the acid and main synth isnt original at all. its in pretty much all of the hard trance/techno of the 90's. if you want a better kick. do this. open up packs and open up drumloops. next pull asprin out and put it in its own channel and you now have a strong kick with a delayed bass and you can always add a dif bass on top but it sounds nice like that.

Diversity: well nothing is realy that diverse other than what you did with the its was like one realy long loop and after a little bit it got somewhat boring.

Clarity8- well you bit rate seemed a little low but thats for file reasons probaly.if you want your song to fall under 3mb. just export your song and then close Fl studio close it and re open it with an empety patchbank abd drag in your song and re export it. you can shave alot of kb's becuase the instruments arent takin up dem good ol megabites. and some of your effects muddied up your synths.

effort. its clear that you spent some time on this song and its effects.

not that bad for a 12 year old eh. Older DnX is in collage so im submiting songs right now and reviewing. but sweet song, im uploading a new one right now.